Getting started with Q-Pulse

At the beginning of your Q-Pulse journey?

Ideagen is committed to growing the strength and maturity of our customers’ quality management systems.
We’ve mapped out our 3-step quality maturity journey and how Q-Pulse supports each stage. Access our quick start guides and online training below.

Maturity journey

Your journey towards product excellence

Stage 1: The essentials

Build the foundation of a digital quality management system with the three core modules of Q-Pulse. The Essentials Edition gives you the core framework of a digital quality management system, comprising:

• Document management - Offering you complete control of their business information, from categorisation to version control and archiving

• Audit management - Giving you the ability to build, plan and execute a digital audit programme

• Basic reporting and issue management - Providing customisable process workflows for the reporting and resolution of issues

• Basic dashboards and reporting - Allowing you to track core KPIs and build reports at the touch of a button

Stage 2: Intermediate 

Take the basics and build on them. The Quality Edition of Q-Pulse offers you a holistic set of quality management tools, comprising all the functionality of the Essentials edition, plus: 

• Interested party management - Providing a live repository of ISO’s ‘interested parties’: customers, suppliers, stakeholders and regulators 

• Asset management - A register of all physical equipment and assets, from location to owner 

• Risk management - Offering a customisable risk register with bespoke scoring and real-time risk treatment 

• Training management - Giving you the ability to prove the training and competence of staff with complete training records 

Stage 3: Advanced 

Move to the advanced stage by mastering the unique challenges and demands of your industry. Choose an industry-specific Q-Pulse Edition tailored to your needs (arriving in 2021!) Apply an Ideagen success package to maximise the return on investment of your Q-Pulse system and entwine quality with your long-term business objectives.  


A complete set of tools to manage your processes

Q-Pulse is made up of a series of modules, each with a distinct function. Here are the core modules within Q-Pulse that are included in stage one of the maturity journey.

  • Documents

    Control, categorise and manage your business information

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  • Issues

    Report and manage any kind of business process from end to end, from CAPAs and complaints to investigations and change control

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  • Audits

    Build a bespoke and flexible digital auditing programme to pinpoint risks, harness improvement opportunities and embed continuous improvement

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Streamline compliance with Q-Pulse

Q-Pulse can be used to manage compliance activities in order to work towards achieving and maintaining industry regulations and ISO standard certification.

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Go further with online training

Ideagen Academy is our cloud-based online training solution that lets you build your Q-Pulse skills quickly, easily and on your own terms.

Become confident and competent in using Q-Pulse, or sharpen and refine your skills.

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