Achieve success with us

Customer success is embedded into the way we do things at Ideagen.

We want to ensure we help strengthen your product experience, enhance long-term value and unlock your desired outcomes. So whatever success looks like to you, our dedicated team are here to help you achieve it.

Support every step of the way

Our relationship with you doesn’t end when you’ve bought our software. We help you through the entire onboarding process, kickstarting your project and embedding your new product into the fabric of your organisation.

We know that with any new product it can take time to get everybody up to speed, so we’ve broken down the process into simple steps to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your colleagues.

Any issues? Just let us know. We will be on hand throughout to answer any questions you may have.

Goal-driven collaboration

From the outset, we proactively work with you to:

  1. Understand your governance journey and where your organisation currently sits.
  2. Set the operational goals and objectives you want to achieve, and...
  3. Measure your progress and success into the future.

We utilise our industry expertise to share best practice with you, and to help you become the best in your sector.

And our customer success team will be right alongside you to monitor your progress and overall management system health, encouraging continuous improvement and giving you a helping hand where needed.

Inform our roadmap

Your needs as a customer are central to the evolution of our products. As such, we want them to directly inform the future of our software. Our product roadmaps detail what’s to come and how we’re embedding world class user experience at every stage.

Our approach is simple. We look at the challenges, issues, hurdles and pain points of your industry. Then we work to solve them with a continually evolving product that always meets your needs.

If you want to help shape the product roadmap, why not join our customer council? Find out more about the Council here.