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There are multiple ways you can access help and support within the website.

Within each product the “getting started” section will guide you through navigating the various modules and processes within your product.

For a more technical query you can:

Technical Guides icon Access technical guides and advice via the customer portal
Resolve Issue icon Resolve a specific issue by raising a ticket with our support team
Upgrade icon Contact your account manager directly
Learn icon Learn with Ideagen Academy’s online training
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Customer Portal

Everything you need to support your experience with our software. Stay informed and take control of your journey with technical guides to download and the latest live training webinars.

Customer Portal
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Support Portal

Support Team

With your ideagen maintenance plan, you have access to the support team 365 days a year. Don’t waste time and frustration help if you’re experiencing a technical issue. Raise a ticket in the customer portal to speak to an advisor one to one.

Contact your local support center or raise a ticket if needed.

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+44 1629 699400
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+353 1 9036394
Canada Flag
+1 437 8862079
Spain Flag
+34 91 1232467
Bulgaria Flag
+359 2 935 7770
US Flag
+1 (202) 888 3560
Australia Flag
+61 2 83107491
Germany Flag
+49 6174 9163001
New Zealand Flag
+64 9951 8375
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Account Management Team

At Ideagen, we don't simply sell you software. We have a dedicated customer success team that's here to ensure your success with our software. Our team gauge customer sentiment, so that we can continually improve and keep our customers at the top of their game.

Account Management Team
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Ideagen Academy

Ideagen's state-of-the-art training software provides a stimulating variety of interactive demos, activities and assessments that encourages your employees to become self-sufficient learners, saving your organisation a wealth of valuable time and money.

*Contact your account management team for access if required
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