The future

It’s all about balance and as we steer towards those guiding lights, we need to ensure we look after the “here and now” 2021 is the year we are focusing on strengthening the Q-Pulse core.

Our vision

From a user experience point of view, it’s essential we transition Q-Pulse to a modern, lightweight browser client, delivering a user experience with mobility and point of need at its centre. A great user experience supports high engagement by all in your Quality Management System (QMS). This is the goal of Version 7, our next upcoming release.

The technology we choose, in terms of its reach and availability, is obviously central and, whilst on-premise installations are still a strong consideration for organisations, we are aligning our business to deliver our applications on serverless and cloud technology, which is moving at pace. This technology brings many business challenges and opportunities. For example, supporting the requirements for ISO 13485:2016 validation and Good x Practice (GxP), which we continue to monitor, ask questions of and explore.
From a functional capability perspective, it’s essential we continue to align with your compliance needs, but also strive to add value to your QMS by delivering operational and performance improvement.

George Hall

Q-Pulse product manager

As Product Manager for Q-Pulse, balancing the product plans for the future with the needs of the “here and now” is a core focus. Striking that balance requires insight into not only how our customers and their businesses are currently operating, but what changes are at play in the marketplace in terms of technology, working practices, compliance, legislation, amongst other things.