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Pentana Audit v5.4

What’s New in Pentana Audit v6.0

Pentana Audit v5.4

New Pentana Audit Training Dates

Pentana Audit vMK 12.0

Pentana Audit vMK 12.0 version release

Pentana Audit vMK 12.0

Release of Version 11.2 (Pentana MK)

Pentana Audit vMK 12.0

Acquisition of Morgan Kai by Ideagen

Pentana Audit v5.4

New version release - Pentana Audit v5.4

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Cybersecurity has been identified as a key risk for 2020 that auditors need to help organisations address.

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Agile Auditing: Modernise your auditing practice

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Argenta Bank's Internal Audit department benefit from paperless auditing with Pentana

With 1.6 million customers and about 25 audits per year, Argenta Bank- en Verzekeringsgroep required a software tool which would modernise their inter

Ideagen Pentana streamlines FORUM Credit Union’s auditing – allowing them to focus on more audits

Heineken implements Pentana as a scalable tool to facilitate auditing standardisation