Pentana Risk

Pentana Risk update announcement

14 May 2021

Your system, if not updated already, is scheduled for an update on the 17th May at 5.30PM UK time.


This update includes the following fixes:


  • COV-10 PI Data Tab error caused by Rolling Forecast gauge source
  • COV-11 Local Benchmarking values not drawing on Chart
  • COV-14 Hovering over PI due for update doesn't show tool tip (full title)
  • COV-15 Document upload and linking not audited when done from Notebook
  • COV-17 Request for info: Appraisal Notif codes
  • COV-18 Sausage in Charts Data Class drop down
  • COV-19 Code Formatting Not Being Applied
  • COV-21 Request for info: Logic behind Audit Notifications
  • COV-22 Funky ordering in Collection filter for PI Data tab
  • COV-24 Changing the PI on a Portal Chart Component Does Not Work
  • COV-28 First Time Login Second Email Does Not Arrive
  • COV-47 No creation date being entered aginst Devlopment Plans
  • COV-48 Reports Portal component not showing expected Results
  • COV-53 Value verses Target/Previous(%) fields not showing as percentage
  • COV-61 Cannot change Sub Action completed date
  • COV-72 Classic Properties File for Internal Controls
  • COV-77 Unable to get Charts generated within the Web Publishing on US site
  • COV-82 Delay in Web Update When Field is Changed in Feedback
  • COV-83 Unable to Open .xlsx Files from US Customers
  • COV-86 Middleware: Schedule error ' not a valid value for a decimal'
  • COV-89 PI API Update
  • COV-90 Query PI's Not Collecting Data
  • COV-98 FullStory activity tracking not working in the login page or in Portals


How will the maintenance and upgrade process impact my users?

If not already upgraded, then the system will be unavailable for approximately 15 min on 17th May at 5.30PM UK time.

What if I have additional questions?
If you have any queries relating to this update please contact the Ideagen Support Team via: