Pentana Risk

Pentana Risk November release

20 November 2019

Pentana Risk is continuously developed to keep it up to date with the latest risk management technologies, as well as to ensure we are meeting the demands of our growing customer base. This new release brings with it some exciting new features that will help drive improved decision making and performance.


Pie charts

It is now possible to plot pie charts when using a Query as a Data Source. You can mix pie charts with conventional PI performance charts, but there is a limit of one Pie Plotter per Chart. Pie Charts come with additional options for controlling their appearance, labels and colours.

Arithmetic functions for column values 

When using a Query as a data source on a Chart, you can select a column from the Query to provide the y-axis values in combination with simple arithmetic functions such as sums and averages. This means that, for instance, you can create a chart to show the total costs of the Risks being assessed each month.

Using Queries as data sources on Charts

Charts can now use Risk Queries as data sources, in addition to Performance Indicators. When setting up a new Chart or adding more data to an existing Chart, you can now select a Risk Query to act as a Data Source, and a column to provide values for the x-axis categories. When the Chart is drawn, the Query will be executed, and the data returned plotted on the Chart. You can have a mix of PI and Query data sources on the same Chart to investigate trends in your data across different modules.

Additional features added to support reporting Query data on Charts include new options for x-axis sorting and use of arithmetic operations in providing values.


Importing customer fields to Internal Controls

Imports now support the importing of spreadsheet data into any customer fields set up on Internal Controls.

Application Programming Interface (API)

An API is now provided for accessing your Pentana Risk data programmatically across the Internet. You can use the API to integrate Pentana Risk with other software solutions for functions like reporting, logging new Feedback items, or external performance tracking.

Please contact support for more details about using the API.