Pentana Compliance

Pentana Compliance 6.4.6 is here

11 March 2021

The main theme of v6.4.6 is the inclusion of performance data within Assessment Forms. We have included the option to configure forms to include a display of the following:

  1. Objectives
  2. KPI Results
  3. Certificate, Certified Function(s) and Regulated Activities

The inclusion of the above items will enhance user experience within T&C, Fitness & Propriety (F&P) and Appraisal Forms by providing more information from elsewhere in the system in the form itself. For example, KPI Results can be used to provide information to Managers signing off Certification employees as well as for use in T&C and Appraisal Processes.

With the option to display SM&CR Certificates, in a year 1 Certification process, a pending Certificate, functions and any applicable Regulated Activities can be presented to show what a person is going to be Certified for. In a subsequent re-Certification, details of the current ‘Certified’ Certificate can be included to show what a person is due to be Certified for in the forthcoming Certification Year. This display of the Certificate enhances user experience when automatic Certificate renewal is being used (available from release v6.4.3). Alternatively, if the concept of ‘Pending’ Certificates is continued into Year 2 onwards re-Certification, then it will be possible to show both the current ‘Certified’ Certificate, as well as the future ‘Pending’ Certificate which will apply for the forthcoming Certification Year.

In additional to Performance Data, there are also some minor usability enhancements for Objectives, the Generic Form Builder and other Administration areas, plus new search and results filters in User Maintenance, User Position Maintenance and the Directory Persons List screen – these changes help with the support of users and Directory Person Management.

The areas we've focused have been based on customer feedback to ensure that Pentana Compliance is delivering what you need from it. These areas will continue to be enhanced in future versions and releases of the software.

For the full details of the 6.4.6 release, please see the release notes.