12 Oct 2020  |   Q-Pulse WorkRite

Introducing WorkRite Agile 2.0

WorkRite Agile 2.0 upgrades our market leading agile working solution by significantly improving the user experience and offering refreshed content to ensure workers remain informed in a constantly changing new world.

If you are new to our agile working solution, the visual e-learning course takes users through an interactive, personalised journey to evaluate common health and wellbeing risks typically faced by agile workers. It is a cost-effective way of delivering display screen equipment (DSE) training, enabling organisations to track and audit company-wide training, and ultimately save valuable time and resources.


WorkRite Agile 2.0 offers further improvements to this already very flexible tool, allowing users to enjoy a more interactive and engaging user experience. WorkRite Agile 2.0 will assist your organisation with delivering appropriate training and work station assessments in whichever DSE environment a user may be based, providing you with peace of mind that workers will remain informed wherever they might work.


In addition, we have introduced a number of new features that reflect the new ways of working and enable both learners and organisations to benefit from higher levels of engagement:

  • Many more animations
  • Increased interactivity
  • Shorter seat time
  • Improved user journey
  • Clearer questions and answers to improve testing


Find out more about the course and how to access it here.