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Helping you invest in your own success

Customer success is a philosophy which is embedded into the way we do things here at Ideagen. It’s about working with you to strengthen and deepen your product experience, enhancing long-term value and achieving your desired outcomes.

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"Our purpose is to make your experience as simple, efficient and effective as possible. I love that my role allows me to leverage the knowledge and experience of our staff for the greater good of all our customers.”"

Mark Fuller, Head of Customer Success, Ideagen

Define and achieve your goals

With Ideagen you don’t just buy software and then we leave you to it. We provide dedicated support throughout the onboarding process, helping you kickstart the project to embed your chosen product into the fabric of your organisation. We know it can take time to get everybody on board with using a new product, so we’ve broken down the process into steps to make it as easy as possible for you and the users within your organisation.

From the outset, we proactively work with you to help set goals and milestones to ensure success is achieved consistently.

Mature and expand value

At Ideagen we talk about maturity. By this we mean the opportunity to increase the value in your existing investment with us. Applying a maturity-led approach to the way we help you means it gives you the opportunity to establish where your organisation is at, set goals and objectives for what you want to achieve and measure your progress and success.

In addition to enhancing your existing investment with us, customers can compare themselves to peer organisations and share best practices, learning from each other’s experiences.

The growing customer success team will be monitoring your progress and overall customer health, encouraging growth and giving you a helping hand where needed.

The future of your product

Your needs as a customer are central to the evolution of our products and directly impact the future of our software. The product roadmaps detail what’s to come, where user experience is always a top priority.

We look at what’s changing in your industry, what issues and pain points you have so we can work to solve these and deliver a continually evolving product.

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