Pentana Risk advances Risk Management Maturity for Devon & Cornwall Police

As the maturity of risk management improved, it became clear that the limitations of spreadsheet functionality were beginning to hamper further progress. As part of the 2008/09 internal audit plan, the Head of Audit conducted a risk maturity survey of Members and Officers of the Authority to ascertain where, on the journey from risk naive to risk enabled, the organisation was positioned. The maturity model, based on that developed by International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM), measures maturity across four domains: 

  • Culture 
  • Experience 
  • Application 
  • Process 


It was concluded that in particular, risk management processes could not advance in maturity using spreadsheet based records.


  • Associated actions from each department's risk register now drive prompts via email to management - ensuring the risk universe is comprehensive
  • Employee familiarisation with one system has resulted in organisation-wide employee buy-in