Q-Pulse and Ideagen helps Anthony Nolan achieve Netcord-FACT accreditation

Following their Netcord-FACT audit, the regulatory body raised some findings against Anthony Nolan’s Quality Management System (QMS). Although the charity’s overall QMS processes were fine, one finding raised was against their use of two separate systems for quality processes, with the second being a simple file sharing solution offering no formal way of document acknowledgement.

By implementing Q-Pulse as the stand-alone solution for quality management, it made it easier to meet Netcord-FACT’s requirements and achieve accreditation.


  • Stand-alone solution for quality management processes
  • Improved document approval times
  • Complete control over documentation including:
  • Donor and parent information 
  • Clinical information regarding donor quality+sample quality 
  • Working to correct and up-to-date standard operating procedures for cord blood bank 
  • Easier preparation ahead of several regulatory inspections each year
  • Dramatically reduced regulatory inspection times