Pentana Integration

It is no longer realistic to expect that an Internal Audit team can maintain an Audit Management System manually and with no reference to data already collected in the organisation. The Internal Audit team need to have access to key data spread across multiple applications in a timely manner, as well as to be able to export data from an Audit Management System to other systems.


Data can be pushed into Pentana from a variety of source systems, using the interfaces listed below.  Data can also be exported on-demand or on a schedule to be picked up by other systems. Pentana Audit currently supports the following interfaces:


Arbutus Analyzer is our recommended solution for the extract, analysis and subsequent upload of financial information to Pentana, as well as for the extract of data that is to be used in testing.

Excel Importer

The Excel Importer is an Ideagen tool that complies fully with the Pentana security model and has been developed to enable the upload of data from Excel or CSV files to Pentana Audit.


Where Arbutus Analyzer and the Excel Importer cannot be used, our Technical Services team are able to craft specific custom integrations using a fully featured .NET API.


Ideagen are currently defining and developing a RESTful API to replace the .NET API.



Data formats

SAP data can be accessed through Arbutus Analyzer SmartLink, allowing direct access to all SAP tables while still working within the authorisation privileges of the SAP System.


ODBC access to data sources is available through Arbutus Analyzer.  This allows for direct connection to common databases, including SQL Server and Oracle.


Arbutus Analyzer can import and export both XML and JSON formats.

Microsoft Excel

Excel can be used with both Arbutus Analyzer and the Excel importer to upload data into Pentana Audit.


Both Arbutus Analyzer and the Excel Importer can accept CSV files: the former being used to undertake audit testing of the contents and the latter uploading and updating the data in Pentana.

LDAP / Active Directory

Pentana can directly import users from LDAP or Active Directory and supports Windows Authentication where user credentials in Pentana are based on the user’s domain login in Windows.

Data types

Financial data

Financial data can be extracted from the data formats mentioned previously, thereby providing the auditor with a high degree of flexibility.

Organisational Hierarchy

Using Excel, customers can easily upload complex or large hierarchies that reflect their audit universe.


By formatting Excel files correctly and using the Excel Importer, it is easy to upload multiple libraries to Pentana and make them available to the audit team.


Pentana Audit can import the required information directly from LDAP or Active Directory.


Pentana provides full risk-based audit planning features, but it is possible to use the Excel Importer for the initial load of the Audit Plan, or for regular updates.

Risks and Controls

Pentana Audit can integrate with a third-party Risk Management application through a scheduled CSV export from the Risk Management application and a scheduled import using the Server Robot.


Data Export

In-built Grids

Pentana Audit uses flexible grids to display data, which can be exported to Microsoft Excel, to be imported into third-party applications.

Custom Templates

Where data needs to be exported on a regular basis, a template can be created and scheduled that outputs the data in the required format.

Reporting Database

A reporting database is available as a standard Technical Services implementation. Information regarding this offering is available on request.


The Pentana .NET API enables data to be queried from Pentana as well as supporting data upload.


Increasingly these days, audit management software vendors are partnering with third-party vendors to offer powerful data analytics and business intelligence solutions that fully integrate with their own software. By optimising audit data analytics and audit management activities in the same environment, audit teams see an incredible boost in efficiency, and drastically improve their response time to unforeseen risks.

Pentana Audit’s robust integration capabilities lets you bring all your data sources together into one platform, creating a single version of the truth.

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