Integrated CA/PA management


In an effective quality management system, CA/PA can be integrated with audit in order to trigger corrective and preventive actions from audit findings, as well as with documents. This ensures that processes and procedures can be documented and controlled documents can be made available that describe the requirements of CA/PA procedures.

In addition, this can align with the necessary actions to achieve the organisational culture that supports such a system and ensures its effectiveness.


Gain company-wide commitment
Automatically notifying appropriate personnel of overdue or upcoming compliance actions can significantly increase the visibility and control of your quality systems and achieve greater ownership and transparency of compliance-related information.

Ensure competency of appropriate staff
Secure, centralised access to the policies and procedures that support your quality systems can ensure that management and staff can be aware of and acknowledge their responsibilities in complying with multiple legal and regulatory requirements.

Integrate root cause analysis into quality systems
Centrally managing all external, internal and third-party audits enables the measurement of ongoing compliance-related performance to deliver assurance over key risks and demonstrate legal and regulatory compliance to customers, regulatory authorities and certification bodies.

Reinforce learning
Putting a foundation in place for stability and growth drives an organisational culture that encourages adherence to internationally-recognised best practice, and which contributes significantly to the continual improvement of legal and regulatory compliance throughout the supply chain.


In adopting an integrated approach to managing documents, audits and CA/PA, companies in regulated industries can reduce risk throughout the organisation by preventing problems from occurring, in order to increase customer satisfaction and achieve improved financial performance.

Such an approach can provide regulated companies with benefits that include:

  • Company-wide commitment
  • Competency of all appropriate staff
  • Root cause analysis integrated with quality systems
  • Continual company-wide learning

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