Q-Pulse Cloud has arrived

Faster, fresher, simpler.

But now Q-Pulse is cloud-based. What does that mean? It’s accessible from anywhere. It’s easier and quicker than ever to scale and embed Q-Pulse across your entire organisation. And it connects your staff together with a modern, flat user experience that’s contextually relevant to them. Plan your journey to cloud-based quality and take your first step to a new, smarter way to strengthen your business.

  • Cloud-based
  • Increased performance
  • Improved user experience
  • Simpler to adopt

Drive quality with industry specific Editions that reflect your unique needs

Put quality and safety at the heart of your culture

Ensure consistency and control of ways of working and improved management of equipment, suppliers, information and training by identifying risks and proportionate responses to improve diagnostic processes, policy management, patient safety and treatment.

Drive quality and efficiency with streamlined compliance processes

Provide assurance and confidence about the quality, safety and compliance of your processes and your products with complete traceability of quality and compliance information, from initial concept to finished product.

Strengthen your reputation with customers, regulators and certification bodies

With an at-a-glance view of your production processes and the extended supply chain, provide evidence that your quality processes are compliant with standards such as BRC, FSSC, ISO 22000 and other GFSI schemes.

Get the most complete picture of your supply chain

Demonstrate that throughout your supply chain, quality processes are compliant with standards and production processes are continually improved to create safe and high-quality products, manufactured to customer specifications.

Adopt a quality led approach from design to service

Demonstrate project progress and provide assurance about building and construction safety, through reliable processes that improve build time, minimise costly errors and ultimately create a safe working environment and high-quality buildings.

Data illustration

Cloud based

Cloud Based illustration

Now all you need to access Q-Pulse is a web browser and an internet connection. No installation needed - which means reduced IT outlay and maximised uptime.

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Increased performance

Increased performance illustration

A cloud-based system means enhanced scalability. Everyone using the system experiences the same high-quality performance , wherever they are.

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Improved user experience

user Experience illustration

A clean, flat, gamified design empowers your employees to support quality every day. To do lists and reminders ensure nothing is missed.

Simple To Adopt illustration

Simpler to adopt

Desktop monitor illustration

An updated system with a contemporary look which is accessible and easy to use means that users are more likely to get on board.

Ready to transition?

Register your interest for Q-Pulse Cloud and take our survey to find out if a transition would benefit your organisation and meet your current needs.


We understand that there are a lot of questions around the transition and hopefully we can answer these below.

Q-Pulse Cloud is being released in September2020.
Q-Pulse Cloud is cloud based and has a cleaner, more modern look and feel.
Your system will be easier to access and more user friendly.
You can register your interest here to plan your journey and find out what you need to do to transition.
Because Q-Pulse Cloud is on the cloud, you access it through a web browser. This means you don’t need to install anything and can access it anywhere.