Q-Pulse QMS

Q-Pulse 7.1 - Update for HOSTED Customers

11 February 2020

Have you upgraded to Q-Pulse 7 yet? Were you waiting for the Incidents and Occurrences module to arrive before upgrading? Well, your wait is over. Q-Pulse 7.1 is available to upgrade to as of today.

The main focus of 7.1 was the addition of the incident and occurrence module to the browser interface of Q-Pulse. The module is now fully accessible in the browser client and can be used in the same way it always has been. The addition of this popular module also brings with it the use of the dashboards for Incidents and Occurrences which is a new feature following the release of dashboards in Q-Pulse 7.0.


The dashboard feature has also been given an upgrade with the addition of enhanced permissions which provides more security around the data your organisation has stored in Q-Pulse. You can now grant your colleagues editing rights should they need to make any changes to your dashboards, and you can mark dashboards as confidential to prevent unauthorised viewing.


You do not lose any of your current client functionality, both windows and web work in parallel with each other. You can continue to use the windows client if that is your preferred option or you use the new browser client. 


If you would like to request your upgrade to Q-Pulse 7.1 please click here.