Pentana Compliance

New release for Pentana Compliance: version 6.4.4

07 December 2020

We’re pleased to announce a new release for our Pentana Compliance software.

This new release delivers several technical and functional improvements, including many enhancements which benefit T&C and SM&CR utilisation.

It includes Migration and Integration improvements. These changes relate to improving how the system deals with changes for Joiners / Movers / Leavers in a source record (typically a third-party HR system record) when the Import Module (IIM) is used to load a file into the system.

We have also implemented changes to Legal Agreements for using the system. These changes relate to providing access to the Legal Agreements which apply to the use of the Pentana Compliance system.

In addition to this, we have undertaken work on accountability in other jurisdictions. This will enable Pentana Compliance to be utilised for Accountability outside the United Kingdom. 

Improvements made with the 6.4.4 update are:

  • Permission Groups can optionally be updated when the User Type changes
  • Ability to configure when User Positions are replaced vs updated
  • Current Supervisor/ Manager updated when file has a different Supervisor/ Manager
  • Supervisor/ Manager Links (for subordinates) ended when a Manager leaves
  • Missing fields Service created to email a central user when key details are missing from user records
  • Legal Entity to User Position Link ID can be automatically generated within Import and Wizard screens
  • Ability to Derive fields not found in HR systems (User Type, Accountability Regime, Regime Status and 2nd Tier Status)
  • Import file process can now optionally add in new dropdown values (Code Descriptions) i.e Job Titles rather than reject rows in a file because the values do not currently exist
  • Snapshot files now supported in addition to existing Delta File support
    • Some elements added above are mandatory for this process
  • Import Module Administration navigation improvement from Import Mappings back to Import Schema fields list


Please note, each of the above changes have to be positively configured on otherwise the system will behave as it did before.