06 Mar 2020  |   Coruson

Coruson Update Announcement

Ideagen Coruson is scheduled for an update which we intend to deploy on the week commencing 2nd March.

This update will be performed in two stages:

  1. A zero-downtime update for Coruson.
  2. An update to the integration service which will require 2 hours downtime on 5th March at 2:30am (UTC time).

This update includes the following changes:

Coruson Bug Fixes

  • COR-6622: An issue causing a discrepancy between day view and agenda view in the audit module has been resolved.
  • COR-7590: Additional audits are no longer shown when breaking an audit out of a series in some time zones.
  • COR-7601: Breaking an audit out of a series now converts to the correct start/end time when switching time zones.
  • COR-7362: Audit start date now respects timezone changes in the planner view.
  • COR-7532: An issue displaying incorrect information in the calendar/planner views when changing time zones has been resolved.
  • COR-6631: An issue that could schedule a double audit when using AUS time zone setting has been resolved.
  • COR-7055: A duplicate audit is no longer created when breaking an audit out of a series.
  • COR-6724: An issue creating additional unwanted audits in planner mode has been resolved.
  • COR-7599: Audits no longer display in the wrong month when using Singapore time zone.
  • COR-7622: Additional audits are no longer created when changing time zone.
  • COR-7574 - Turkish translations have been improved on digest emails.

Integration Service Bug Fixes

  • COR-7857: A problem where invalid data that causes an ECCAIRS export to fail is not logged in the history tab has been resolved.

How will the integration service update affect me?

You will only be affected by this maintenance if you use the integration service. The integration service is used for integration activities and the below services will be affected:

  • Auto-complete on reporting forms will not run during this time.
  • Data Export Services (e.g. ECCAIRS exports) will not run during this time.

Any integrations will need to be re-run once maintenance is completed.

How do I know if I am using the integration service?

Typically, your IT or service integration team will be able to confirm if an integration has been configured. The most common integration is auto-complete of reporting forms.

If you're not sure if you are using the integration service then please contact Coruson Support who can assist in reviewing your configuration.

How will the maintenance and upgrade process impact my users?

There will be no downtime to Coruson during the upgrade process and so your access to Coruson will not be affected. Users viewing reports that use auto-complete will see a "3rd Party Error" auto-complete error displayed on-screen when working with submitted reports. This error can be corrected by manually triggering auto-complete one the maintenance is finished. 

Report raisers will not notice any difference.

What if I have additional questions?
If you have any queries relating to this update please contact the Ideagen Coruson Support Team via: