Coruson Roadmap - Puzzle Piece Number Two

11 November 2020

As you’ll have seen, we’ve recently updated the Coruson roadmap to give you a view into what’s happening with Coruson now and in the near future.

Time for the second instalment of our Coruson Roadmap News and this one is all about the behind-the-scenes improvements we're making.


Changes we're making:

1. Architecture and infrastructure improvements
2. Faster updates
3. Introduce better app analytics
4. Update the domain for all customers to ''


What that means for you?

1. Keeping pace - our customer base and user base is constantly increasing, as is our global footprint. We continue to invest to ensure we deliver performance and scalability wherever you are and whatever your size.

2. Allows us to act faster - we can deploy small updates more quickly.

3. This will help us understand how you’re using the software and enable us to better target and prioritise improvements moving forward.

4. We have been working to bring everyone together under for some time. Our upcoming changes will enable this, and we will gradually migrate everyone to this domain from January through to April 2021 this will have minimal impact on you and we will contact you with more detail as we progress.


Click HERE to view the current Coruson roadmap.