05 Mar 2020  |   Coruson

Coruson reporting

Here is the first of our updates to keep you fully informed of what is happening with Coruson and the latest Ideagen news.

Coruson Mobile App Update

At Ideagen, we’re continually improving our software to give you the best experience possible. Some of the recent improvements that we’ve been making to Coruson have been in our mobile app.

We’ve also developed a new app – Coruson Reporting – on a new technology platform, which will give you the best mobile experience possible in terms of performance and lets us provide the app on
more mobile platforms.

What does this mean for me?

As a result, we currently have 2 mobile apps available, Coruson Documents and Audits and Coruson Reporting:

Coruson Documents and Audits
• Can be used for reporting, audits and documents
• Available on iOS and Android

Coruson Reporting
• Can be used for reporting only
• Available on iOS, Android and Windows

We’ll update the icons and descriptions of both Coruson Documents and Audits and Coruson Reporting in March to clearly differentiate the apps in the store as we move to the new app.

What happens next?

We’ve initially released Coruson Reporting, as this is Coruson’s most frequently used feature and will transition all of the functionality of Coruson Documents and Audits to this new app over the next
few months.

Audit functionality is scheduled for release at the end of April and we can update you on the documents release after that.

Coruson Documents and Audits will be available until all audit and document functionality is available on Coruson Reporting, when we’ll deprecate Coruson Documents and Audits and gradually
withdraw support. We expect this to happen around June 2020.

Are there any other improvements?

In Coruson Reporting, we also recently introduced auto save. This saves the progress of a report as you complete fields in it, so if you need to close the app you can pick up where you left off at another time. We’ve also introduced analytics that help us to support you better.