The future


Delivering the Roadmap

The future development of Pentana Risk is about ongoing enhancement of the existing product during 2021 and looking beyond that towards convergence of audit and risk in our next generation intelligent cloud product. It is the convergence of risk management across ERM and IA that will deliver the goals we, and you, are working towards: real time assurance, predictive analytics, and agile audit and risk management.

In the meantime, Pentana Risk is well equipped to meet your Enterprise Risk Management needs and we will continue to incorporate customer requests and suggestions to ensure that the user experience exceeds expectations.

Balikis Abale

Pentana Risk product manager

With the diverse range of new and emerging risks that organisations are faced with today, the need for a mature, integrated risk management system is greater than ever. Ideagen is committed to investigating the latest technologies and pursuing opportunities for innovation in risk management. From this year onwards, we are increasing our focus on providing best in class enterprise risk management solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.