The Customer Portal is moving!

25 March 2020

In 2019 we launched a new and improved knowledge base and ticket management system as a replacement to the Articles and Cases sections on the Customer Portal. Now the time has come to sunset the rest of the Customer Portal so that we can build the next phase of our customer engagement platform.

As a result, the old Customer Portal (located at and will be shutting down on 1st May 2020. This means you will not be able to access any information on the old Customer Portal after this date.

If you have not already logged in to the new Customer Portal we would recommend you do so by visiting When you log in, you can choose the product content you would like to see by using the menu in the top right corner.


How do I join the new Customer Portal?

It’s easy! Simply visit and click Sign In. You can then register for the site.


Why has Ideagen made this change?

The Customer Portal launched in 2013 and its primary audience was power users and system administrators. Since then we have produced more and more content aimed at users of all levels of our products.

We’re now consolidating all knowledge into a single area focused on learning about our products and expanding knowledge. This approach allows us to focus on all product users and not just those administering the system. The knowledge base will continue to expand with more articles, guides and useful information designed to make your product implementation a successful one.


What information has been moved?

A new Customer Portal has already been set up which includes ArticlesTicketsChecklists and Training Videos from the old website. The customer website also focuses on the customer journey using our products and provides news and resources designed to help you.


How do I know which site I should visit?

Each website has a different purpose.

The Customer Website is your go-to website when you need:

  • Product information
  • Standards and compliance updates
  • Product training & development
  • Practical applications and useful collateral

The Customer Portal is your key resource when you are looking to:

  • Access product How-to guides, technical manuals and downloads
  • Contact Support for additional help
  • Review Support tickets and manage your Support experience


What happens to product ideas and suggestions?

The Product Management team will retain all ideas, enhancements and suggestions that have been submitted (including their votes and discussion points) and they will continue to use this to plan the product roadmap.


How do I know if I’m logged on to the new Customer Portal?

The new Customer Portal address is If you are logged on to any other address, then you are still accessing the old Customer Portal.


What happens to my bookmark links to knowledge base articles?

We would recommend updating your bookmarks for any articles you use regularly. However, we are in the process of configuring re-directs so if you miss one of your bookmarks, you’ll still have access to the article in its new location.