17 Mar 2020  |  

Support Continuity During COVID-19

Given the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the advice of the UK Government Ideagen has taken the decision to advise, where appropriate, that colleagues begin to work from home in order to begin mitigating any potential risk of infection to our colleagues.

This is an unprecedented response to the global pandemic that requires a pragmatic approach in order to ensure that we continue to operate effectively as a business as well as maintaining high levels of employee wellbeing.

I would like to assure you that Ideagen has been working for several weeks putting the required processes in place to support our customers throughout each stage of the pandemic.


Stage 1

All customer facing Staff have all the equipment required to work from home.

Ideagen benefits from having support across multiple locations in multiple countries. There are six support locations in the UK alone, with an additional 4 support offices across Europe, Asia & USA. This gives us flexibility in this time to support our customers from countries at different points of the pandemic curve.

Support and technical services staff have all their equipment at home and can provide the same level of service that we do from our office locations. This has been tested in previous weeks with large groups of support staff working from home, in advance of any government restrictions.


Stage 2

The following steps have been implemented to ensure we can continue a high level of support for our customers:

  1. Professional Services Consultants, Technical Services and Development Engineers have all been trained on the use our customer support systems and processes
    • As we face instances of sickness, additional employees from the groups mentioned above will be utilised to maintain maximum capacity
    • Consultants will cover our Level 1 & Level 2 cases
    • Technical Services and Development staff will cover Level 3 cases


Our consultants are already home based, and we have already implemented remote project delivery for our customers.

They operate at 70% utilisation during normal business activities and, currently, as there are travel restrictions, that capacity has reached 50%. This spare utilisation capacity enables us to bolster our front-line support teams and ensure minimal disruption to our customers.

This will be difficult times for every organisation; however, we have factored in to maintain the current service levels, even with a 50% reduction in staff. This is prior to Customer Success, Product Managers and extended Development resource being redeployed.

Therefore, I am confident with the skills and contingency plans we have across the business that we will be able to support you with minimal disruption during this difficult period.


Paul Marshall

Chief Customer Officer