Improve Your Safety Management System for Transportation

RATP Dev are responsible for the management, planning and operation of all their services. The problem they faced was having 35 locations that each operated their services independently. In order to meet the safety requirements stipulated by PTASP, each of their sites needed to communicate with each other and follow the same set of procedures to manage safety.

Coruson made it easy for them to convert their manual process into an electronic one to make managing safety much easier for everyone. The organisation is now receiving a higher volume of incident reports because employees can do this on an iPad wherever they are. As a result, RATP Dev are seeing a reduction in incidents because they are being managed so much better.  


  • Enables a reduced number of accidents
  • Encourages an increase in hazard reporting
  • Improves data accuracy and trend analysis
  • Enables effective communication across multiple sites
  • Promotes a positive reporting culture